E-Registration Process

E-Registration Process

The E-Registration Processes represents a one-stop company registration service that enables any person to submit a company name reservation application, a registration application of a local company or an application for registration of a foreign company to the General Directorate of Companies Registration in KRG.


To make an application under the one-stop service, an applicant must be a registered user within the General Directorate. The user registration is a simple process that can be done by registering via the above link to obtain the username and password that is needed to login to the e-service applications.


The applicant will be required to fill out the User Registration application with the correct information ensuring a correct Email Address is used, since it will be used as the primary communication tool throughout.

Upon successful submission of the application the applicant will receive an email with a Unique Transaction Number (UTN) that will be similar to a password to be used for logging into the various E-service applications available

How to Register?
Visit this link